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In Central Africa an epic conflict rages between Communism, Islam and Christianity.


Founded by Pastor Eugene Kalunga himself a teacher and lecturer at one of the Colleges – Mongu Teachers’ College – had a burden to serve the Lord through schools. He and his fellow Christian teachers began by taking pupils for picnics during school holidays and teaching them the Word of God. Many of whom subsequently gave their lives to the Lord and some are now Pastors, Elders and Deacons in the different churches.

He saw the need to spread the Word of God and used this as the basis while teaching and later lecturing.

After his training at Highway Christian Academy (Accelerated Christian Education) and Durban Christian Centre (Degree in Theology), he returned Zambia. His first child was working in second hand PACES (module of accelerated Christian Education) but there was a severe lack of commitment from the group and the pupils were left alone so he decided to remove his children from public schools altogether and started educating them in a house, with his first child as the first student.

Our intention is to build a College-University with the first faculty being Education. Our vision is that this faculty will help to spread the Bible-based Education Curriculum like the one we are currently using. Other faculties to follow later.

The construction of the buildings will start in April if funds are available – “With God all things are possible”
Mat 19: 26. This project will take between two to four years.

On the same property are plans to build a boarding school which will also carter for orphans, hence a farm will be required in order to sustain both the college–university and the boarding school.

Future plans also include a clinic which in time we trust will grow into a hospital since all these facilities are situated far from town.

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It was Monday, the beginning of the second week of August, when the team from Excellence Christian Academy, started off from their busy schedule to the trip to Malawi.

There were eighteen people - twelve students, four teachers, among the teachers one of them was a senior supervisor, one Pastor and the driver.

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